How to Accredit your Org.

A specific process is as follows:
» Initial request
» Initial reply
» Presentation of application form with administration fee. Note: Applicants must follow the requirements of applicable standards (eg ISO 17021). A demonstration will be required for the capacity of employees.

» The application of the accreditation routine depends on the standards of performance evaluation and certification.

» Send manuals, procedures, required formats or applicable documents in paper or electronic format.

» We will review and comment. If necessary, we will ask you to revise and provide feedback before the next step.

» Propose impartiality from 'respective bodies' at the independence of your organization and become a legal entity.

» For the first six evaluations, you should first notify EUULS of your intention to conduct the assessment.

» You send us photocopies / e-mails of all documents related to these evaluation and certification missions, demonstrating compliance with the documents we reviewed earlier.

» We will issue a draft certificate of recognition. Your validation context will be defined at this time. This will be subject to the site cookie satisfying your activity.

» EAULS participates in your next assessment and certification activity.

» You do four more evaluations and send us copies of the documents.

» We are looking at the next convenient evaluation.

During the previous actions, we would have expected many meetings to be held for meetings and visits to your operating premises.
» Issue of certificate, if applicable.
» You continue to evaluate and certify but you do not need to send paperwork.
» We will monitor your level of activity and conduct the accreditation test accordingly.
» Please inform us about all certification activities.
» On monitoring and recognition, including assignment of recognition numbers.